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* Fastest result achieved so far for the 7-strong full-stack agile team, staffing from scratch

Hire tech experts
in Eastern Europe

Unity game development - Custom Games Studio

Hassle-free talent acquisition

Backend • Frontend • Fullstack • Mobile • Data Engineers • DevOps • PM • BA • QA

We hunt

  • Tailored candidate mining
  • Direct promotion of your open positions
  • Market analytics and recruiting advisory
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We interview

  • Candidate pre-screening is an integral part of our search and acquisition process
  • You may also wish to entrust all-round technical assessment and soft skills evaluation to our tech experts and HR specialists
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We onboard

  • Leverage our advisory, administrative, legal and communication support
  • Enjoy seamless candidate onboarding aligned with your HR process standards
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Managed teams

Assembling full-stack Agile squads, focused DevOps groups, Data Engineering teams, and Support Units from scratch

100% Committed

Managed teams built from scratch to fit your specific projects and programs

100% Transparent

Complete visibility throughout tasks, processes and costs

100% Professional

Best-practice Agile (SCRUM), Kanban, and Rational Unified Process

SAFe factory

Scale to a full-fledged lean development center running under Scaled Agile Framework

Build your remote development center

Seamlessly transit from "isolated" managed teams to a full-cycle development center. We set up and run lean secure work processes and environments uniting distributed developers and teams into productive Agile factory

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About us

Who we are

Founded in 2015, Sababa Labs is an expert in software development process, resource management, software development outsourcing and outstaffing.

Lead by industry professionals with over 20 years of experience, Sababa Labs helps companies in Europe, US and MENA to efficiently resolve tech talent sourcing and delivery challenges.

What we do

With offices in Poland, Portugal and UAE we provide instant access to the top software resource markets.

Sababa Labs brings value by enabling significant savings while ensuring world-class talent acquisition and best-practice software development process management.

Our approach

Our mission is to make software talent sourcing and remote teams operations hassle-free for our customers.

Sababa Labs is equipped with highly professional and focused Recruiting and HR units leveraging continuous support of mature tech team. This allows for an uninterrupted end-to-end expert hiring process.

Perfect for stakeholders looking for tailored sourcing

Solve resource puzzles and get full control across budgets and teams

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